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Genuine Python Leather Mini Handbag



Luxurious and  small  addition for fashionista
• 100 % Genuine Python Leather
• Luxury Product & High Quality
• Hand Crafted
• Lining: eco suede
• Size: 17*12 cm (7 *4,67 inch)
• Color: as shown
• Closure: clasp
• Small pocket
• Double / single chain strap
• Chain with a strap of python leather in tone of handbag
• Do not wash

“Glamourissima” offers luxury hand crafted products from genuine python leather at very affordable prices!!!



Products and accessories from genuine python leather known unique design and excellent strength quality, despite the fact that the snakeskin is very thin and soft. A genuine python shoes, handbag, wallet or accessories are products of considerable distinction. This type of leather, in our opinion, can be considered the most sophisticated and exquisite of all the exotic leathers.

Python leather is known for its color variations and for its elasticity; it is the warmest leather of the season and ideal for the manufacture of many luxury goods.

Glamourissima offers a wide range of handbags, shoes and accessories made of genuine python leather: items as precious as jewels, which last forever beside the person who wears them, because the leather itself is carefully selected and tanned by the most renowned tanneries, to guarantee prestige and elegance.

It is qualities of the material are different from other types of skin. Therefore, all products and accessories made from python leather today are very popular, and are fashionable.